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Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment&How to have Emigrant’s Protection

Posted on: November 7th, 2019 by quoctuy No Comments

There are 2 main ways of enrollment for emigrant’s protection: (i) Direct Registration (ii) Registration through Overseas Employment Promoter (OEP)

The next diagram shows the general procedure movement of emigrant’s security (click on the diagram to start to see the enlarged variation)

(i) Process Flow of Direct Registration

First Step Intending Emigrant submits following papers for enrollment to the section that is concerned processing / verification in the event of Direct Employment.

  1. On the web Registration ask for Direct Emigrants ( simply click to see)
  2. Visa (according to procedure into the host nation)
  3. Valid Passport
  4. Valid Computerized identity that is national (photocopy can also be appropriate)
  5. Employment agreement or contract duly finalized by the company or an undertaking as approved by the Director General, Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment
  6. Receipt of Registration Fee
  7. Receipt of Welfare Fund
  8. Emigration Advertising Fee
  9. Certification of insurance coverage from State term life insurance Corporation (original and a copy that is duplicate
  10. Copy of NOC in case there is ex-service men/government servants! nurses (from appropriate federal! provincial health authorities)
  11. Police Character Verification Certificate according for the intending emigrant from concerned DPO Political Agent (for specified nations just)
  12. Health Fitness Report (from authorized medical facilities of certain nations). In case there is Qatar, medical physical fitness report from any government! (more…)